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Teacher and Student Success Plan
2020 - 2021

Overarching Goal

In order to create a sense of community, we have a plan to incorporate more restorative practices over the next three years. Over the next three years, we will have a year of learning about a strategy with the intent to implement if fully the following year. During the learning year, teachers will receive professional development and opportunities to share implementation. To further enhance and support teachers in classroom a full time counselor will be on staff to provide behavioral support and strategies for students and teachers.We will also hire two MTSS (multi-tiered system of support) aides to support implementation.

Strategy                          Learning year                              Implementation year

Circles                             2019-2020                                      2020-2021

Morning Meetings           2020-2021                                      2021-2022

2nd Step                         2021-2022                                      2022-2023                       

School Community Council and Staff Involvement in the TSSP
School Community Councils play an integral part in the development and monitoring of TSSP goals. Please briefly describe the participation of SCC members in the development process of this TSSP:

At each SCC (school community council) meeting, we review our goals and share progress on those goals. We share our academic data, our attendance and our office disciplinary referral data.  Our SCC has continued to support our academic goals in reading and science. The teachers and administration have been educating our parents about restorative practices, so that the parents can provide input on our school climate goal.  Our school climate goal from 2019-2020 has been very successful. By February 2020, 93% of teachers were in the effective range for positive/corrective feedback during an IPOP (Instructional Priority Observation Protocol) . We shared our SEL ( social-emotional learning) implementation plan with SCC and they were in agreement. Our school climate goal will include implementation of circle time in all classrooms and time to learn about Morning Meetings.

Strategy                          Learning year                              Implementation year

Circles                             2019-2020                                      2020-2021

Morning Meetings           2020-2021                                      2021-2022

2nd Step                         2021-2022                                      2022-2023      

As we started the discussion of the 2019-20 school year, the SCC indicated that they would like to see us continue with a school counselor. The parents agree that the counselor has helped their children this year. Parents would like to see more social emotional supports.

For our academic goals, everyone agreed that English Language Arts needs to improve. We have made progress every year, but our growth still lags. We discussed looking at progress for each student instead of a proficiency.



Not Entered
Academic Goals

While our students have shown an increase in Acadience Data outcomes we would like to see a more consistent performance on reading composite in grades 1-3. While our 4th and 5th grade students have shown proficiency, more students need to show growth. We believe the discrepancy is a result of looking at proficiency data and not student growth. A strategy for improvement is for teachers to learn the Pathways to Progress on Acadience, so they know which students are making progress, not just proficient. Twice during the year, grade level teams will have data day to examine the growth data and plan to meet the year end growth goal.

ELA ( English Language Arts)
By Spring 2021, 70% of all students will make typical growth or above according to the Acadience ELA Pathways to Progress report.

No Yes

Language Arts

We will continue to use a push in model for our reading interventionists. Interventionists will push into skill based instruction time. Trained interventionists will use 95% program with students four days a week for thirty minutes. The interventionists will work with students who are below the Acadience or Reading Inventory (RI) benchmark and teach to the skill gaps. These will be fluid groups based on student need. Students in intervention groups will be grouped by skill deficit. These students will be progress monitored bimonthly to ensure that the intervention is working.

We will use Instructional professional learning community (IPLC) meetings to regularly review data to ensure all students are making both growth and proficiency. Twice a year, after the Acadience test, grade level teams will meet for a day to review data, review the Pathways to Progress and make plans to ensure students are making growth.

We will continue to use the software programs; Lexia. We will use Landtrust funds to purchase MyOn program. A state grant will provide funding for Lexia. These programs are used in skill based instruction time.

Acadience Pathways to Progress, Reading Inventory growth chart, progress monitoring through out the year

Once a month, our resource teacher will have a sub and spend the day in IPLC meetings. At these meetings, our resource teacher will analyze her students' data in each grade and adjustments that need to be made for better academic success. At each meeting, our resource teacher will bring data to show updates on each student's IEP goal and the goal set at the last IPLC. Teachers will share data on the same student's progress in the general education setting. Each month, a short term goal will be made for each student with an IEP.

Teachers will align the students' instructional language development plan (ILDP) goals with growth the student needs to make to be proficient.

During monthly faculty meetings, SCC meetings and during IPLC. During faculty meetings and SCC we will share our progress on reading benchmarks. Once a month in IPLC, teachers will monitor their progress towards their reading goal.

Salaries and Employee Benefits 100 and 200 $70,000.00 For seven MTSS aides Landtrust
Software 670 $4,000.00 MyOn software for reading Landtrust
Textbooks 641 $4,000.00 Purchase Scholastic magazine subscription for grades 3-5 Landtrust
Salaries and Employee Benefits 100 and 200 $6,000.00 To pay for subs for professional development. Grade level teams will meet to examine their ELA pathways to progress or RI data and write a plan to ensure all students meet the grade level goal. Landtrust
School Climate Goals

During the month of 2019-2020, teachers increased their positive feedback to students so that by February 2020, 93% of teachers were in the effective range. During 2019-2020, faculty and staff were trained on Circles and how to implement this in the class. Faculty and staff recieved training materials and we used faculty meetings for professional development.

By Spring 2021, all faculty members will implement Restorative practice of Circle time in their class at least once a week.

No Yes

Teachers will provide a time to principal when they are implementing Circle time, so the principal or coach can join a class weekly. While teachers are implementing Circles this year, they will be learning about Morning Meetings in faculty meetings. The intent is that both Circles and Morning meetings will help the social emotional development of our students. We will continue to fully implement Morning Meetings next year.

Monthly walk through and gallery walk at the end of the year for teachers to share their experiences of Circle time.

At each School Community Council meeting (SCC) we will share feedback from the teachers about Circles and we will share implementation data. At faculty meetings, we will share implementation successes and problem solve any class issues.

Salaries and Employee Benefits 100 and 200 $67,000.00 .5 FTE school counselor. (Responsive services will pay the other .5 FTE.) And two multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) aides TSSP
General Supplies 610 $6,000.00 SEL materials TSSP
Salaries and Employee Benefits 100 and 200 $9,000.00 2 MTSS aides TSSP
Summary of Expenditures for all Goals
Summary - replace me

If there are additional funds, the council recommends the school using this money to provide professional development  and materials for teachers. This means funding would be used for subs or additional training. We also may need to purchase software, if we don not receive a state grant. Any extra money may be used to purchase technology for classrooms, additional textbooks and supplies.